Tuesday and Wednesday in collaboration with Hypnotize festival, we will have several hiphop and beatbox artists, here is a review of some who will go on stage, in addition to the already announced.



Kid Kontrasto a.k.a. Keso approaches the world of hip-hop in the middle school years. He shoots for the first jam and writes the first texts at the amateur level, the first real important match with the national scene has from 2009 onwards, when, after having formed the Red Zone krew with Beez, Nasty, Coll'Asso, run all over the national territory. It is also distinguished in the context of freestyle contests throughout Italy, well appearing in thick competitions such as Perfect Techniques, Mic Tyson, Fight Club, King Italy and others. With the ZRK he released two mixtapes, an ep and two studio records entitled "Everywhere" and "Red Zone krew". In 2017 he released for Jamrock Records his first solo album entitled "Per Semper".


Malestro starts with Hip Hop as a breaker and writer in the city of Fermo with Lorenzo Ferracuti aka Scotty One. In 1996 he began his career as a mc and along with Scotty One and Marco Ricci found the FERMANO CLAN with which they make the first live in the district. In 1998 the group is completed with the arrival of 2 other elements, Fedo and Giatsu and the Liriclokers are born, the group performs above all live and arrives to open the concert of the ATPC. Shortly thereafter, the group dissolved and in 2005 Malestro founded the Prosmoker group together with Peppe Bastardo, who will lead them to the realization of their first self-titled demo, earning considerable success in the area. In 2009 the group broke up and Malestro as a soloist released in 2011 the mixtape "The faceless rapper". In 2013 he returned to join forces with Peppe Bastardo for the production of the second chapter of the Prosmoker saga. In 2014, Malestro together with Dj Ghetto start working on the new album released this year for Costa Klan. Stay Tuned.


Daniele Ottaviani in art "SLAT" was born in Cesena in '75 and took his first steps in 'Hip Hop in '94, founding the Fronteretro group with Getto and Dj Starks.
In '96 he published "Sbobba", the first demo thanks to which he began to make himself known at a regional level by participating in live and Jam.
In 2001 he opens the live Melma & Merda and participates in the mixtape "La Carica Dei 101" of the Romans The Tenants. He also participates in Unozhero's "Come il vento" wind distributed by Good Stuff and a promotional EP for SoulManClick Ent. After leaving the group in 2004 he joined Lucidalasbranda, forming the Bassiprofili duo.
In 2007 he released the solo demo "Dal Basso" recorded with Lasbranda and the feat by Oficina Rebelde and Swim. In the same year he collaborates with Dj Mendez and Muna di Rimini in a parallel project called "Efficenza Sonika" through which the edition of M.E.I. of Faenza with the song "Isole".
In 2009 he joined the "ROMAGNA IN FIORE" Cultural Association, engaging in the dissemination of Hip Hop culture. Also records the EP "Up to here all good" that is realized in the study of the "TNT" Social Center in Jesi with the collaboration of Dj Ego, Askal, Mr.Problem and DJ Bless. The same year he released the ep Past Scriptum in free download
In 2010 he released the single "Kinda Hero" produced by G.Pellino, with its video shot in New York.
In 2011 he released "Limited Edition", 16 tracks produced by XXX Fila, Dj Bless, Dj Ego, Zubee, EA feat. Claver Gold, Moder, Ganji Killah, Askal, Dj T-Robb, DJ Ego, Hanuman
In 2013 he released 'Lumina', an album produced by XXX Fila, in which he collaborates with Rasco, a member of the historic Californian group Cali agents, French Jday rapper and Elena Cattaneo.
We are in 2018 and SLAT does not stop!
He joined the roaster Costa Klan is working on the new album 'Il paese dei balocchi' from which the homonymous single is extracted


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