The Lion's Cage are the winners of the fifth edition of the Bababoom Band contest, competition for emerging Italian bands, they will play on Saturday, July 21st before the Mellow Mood concert!


The Lion's Cage project was born in 2014 when Irven (composer, vocals, guitar) and Rio (guitar), still 17, founded the band during high school, in the province of Bari. The training will gradually delineate with the evolution of sound and of identity, enriched by Luca, (drums, sound engineer), Silvia (bass) Mirko (percussion), Anastasia and Andrea on keyboards and the pair of winds Sax and Tromba, respectively Angelo and Lorenzo.

On the stage, Lion's Cage brings a unique and fresh reggae groove, where the roots of tradition in upbeat communicate with contemporary black experiments and influences, a live show that accompanies the audience on a journey through every nuance of the genre.

In May 2017 our first self-produced album "Real Life" was released. In December 2018 we released an Ep of 3 tracks where we "dubbed" many tracks from "Real Life", of which "Over and Over" created by the Salento dubmaster NO FINGER NAILS. Both works are present on the major digital stores (Spotify, ITunes) and on Youtube / Soundcloud

Victors of the Bababoom Contest, the major national reggae contest (Fermo), we also brought our music to "Hootananny" in London in January 2018 as well as numerous events (Bababoom Festival, Acqua in Testa, Novello under the Castle).
At the moment we are in the studio for the recording of the next album.



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