Dj Gruff a legend in the world of Hip Hop and Italian music, on the Mainstage of the Bababoom festival Tuesday, July 17th!


Sandro Orrù, born on January 8, 1968 in Terralba. He came into contact for the first time with the hip hop culture in 1982 in Turin, thanks to his passion for scratching; subsequently he expands his interest to break dance, to beatbox and then to rap, which he starts to practice.

Around 1986 he began to frequent Milan, where he met with Top Cat, Skizo, Kaos One and Sean, joining the Fresh Press Crew, which soon became Radical Stuff. He played in various clubs until he recorded "Let's get dizzy" around 1990. Start attending social centers starting from the Pergola. Still in that period he joined the Casino Royale group, with whom he played in many concerts collaborating over the years with three of their records.

Later he moved to Bologna where he met Deda and at the request of his friend Soul Boy enters the Century Vox label, he recorded with Speaker Deemo the mix "Challenge the dark - A question of style" and with Isola Posse All Stars he prints the "Word of mouth" mix ". He always produces the first mix of the Otierre and Sa Razza for the Century Vox. In 1992, between Milan and Bologna, he began production of a double album with several guests named Rapadopa, released in January 1993, distributed Sony, and enjoyed a good success.

In 1994 he printed the SXM album with Mixed Bloods: the album is universally recognized as a milestone of Italian rap and now a classic [2]. In 1996 he moved to Salento and began producing Zero Stress, often moving to Bologna and Milan. For this album he self-produced, publishing it in 1996 for his very personal "0s3ss" label; the cd is successful but Gruffetti does not deposit it at SIAE and does not reissue it until the following year when he decides to give editions to the Casino Royale and print some more copies. In that year the 0s3ss label produces the cd of Kaos One, Fastidio. He founded the crew Alien Army (the first group of turntablists in Italy) with other dj's, with which he published "Il contatto" (1997), "Orgasmi Meccanici", for the personal label of his friends Royalize.

In 1998 he signed a contract with PolyGram with which he released the ep "Il Suono Della Strada". The contract includes two more albums but, just at the beginning of the first, Gruff leaves them for the second time. In the meantime he collaborates with various characters of the Italian hiphop scene. The same year he released three instrumental vinyls with more effects, called "3 Tocchi" - Vol 1 - Vol 2 - Vol 3, and the album "O Tutto O Niente". In 2000 he wrote in the film "Zora la vampira", participating with 2 songs. Since 2001 he has lived between Turin and Tokyo and has continued to collaborate with various musicomaniac artists. Several collaborations in the program and various projects to be completed. He was part of the following groups: Ghost Town Rockers, the Place2Be, Fresh Press Crew, Radical Stuff, Casino Royale, Posse All Stars Island, Mixed Blood, 0s3ss, Alien Army, Royalize, Maserio. Now he has a group of his own called Gruffetti and the Sinfonaito and he is finishing 2 albums on which he has been working for years. It is also a prolific organizer of musical events, including: - Dopa al Sole Taste: rap / reggae festival that has been held in Salento for eight years; -Valvarap: rap challenge; -Valvascratch: scratch challenge; -Valvabeat: beat challenge.

In September 2007 dj Gruff calls together some of the best known Mc's, DJs and producers from all over Italy to create a unique project: Come and go, a free "work in progress" downloadable in two parts, one side "A" and one "B". The first side, far exceeding the quarter of an hour, totally realized "at distance", includes inside the original music curated by the trio of producers Ka-Tet (composed by Detox aka Diego Faggiani, Monom3 aka Omar Barcali and ZapaN aka Matteo Pisanu), plus the rap of the mc's: Svez, Menhir, Gruff, Esa, Ekspo, Phogna, Fear, Damage, Domasan, Toni Joz, Speaker Cenzou, Vaitea. Polda's voices, percussions by Roberto Chiga (percussionist of the already mentioned Sinfonaito project), scratches by Dj Spass and Dj Gruff were also recorded on the track. and finally, the introduction of Dj Enzo. Then follows the "B" side, currently under construction, which includes some of the emerging mc's in Italy, plus the production of Bioshi, Blaster and Y.

In 2009 the album Sandro O.B comes out for the Sinfonie label with several guests, including Cenzou, Esa, Dre Love [3], while at the end of 2010 he published Phonogruff.


1993 – Rapadopa

  • 1996 – Zero Stress
  • 1998 – Il suono della strada
  • 1999 – O tutto o niente
  • 2001 – Svarioni premeditati
  • 2001 – Karasau Kid
  • 2002 – Lowdy '82 / '03
  • 2002 – Svarioni premeditati
  • 2002 – Tiffititaff
  • 2002 – The Worst Hits of Gruffettalco
  • 2004 – Frikkettonism
  • 2005 – Uno
  • 2009 – Sandro O B
  • 2011 – Phonogruff
  • 2017 - Le conseguenze del bene (non ancora uscito)

Con i Radical Stuff

  • 1989 – Let's Get Dizzy

Con gli Isola Posse All Stars

  • 1992 – Passaparola

Con i Sangue Misto

  • 1994 – SxM

Con gli Alien Army

  • 1996 – Il contatto
  • 1998 – Orgasmi meccanici
  • 1999 – Mono spettacolare
  • 1999 – Alien Army (12")

Con Svez

  • 2004 – Maserio P a D

Con DJ Tayone

  • 2001 – Gruffetti e Tayog - Dailaloma pt2
  • 2001 – Scientific Experiment

Con Menhir

  • 2003 – Pecorino Sardo


  • 2002 – La coreografia (7")
  • 2002 – La formula (7")
  • 2008 – Viene e Va

Extended play

  • 1994 – La Musica (12")
  • 1998 – Tre Tocchi Vol. 1
  • 1998 – Tre Tocchi Vol. 2
  • 1998 – Tre Tocchi Vol. 3
  • 2002 – Kaedaman
  • 2003 – Kazsudonia
  • 2005 – Valvascratch
  • 2008 – Bastard


  • 1992 – "Sfida il buio / Questione di stile (con Speaker Dee Mo)
  • 1996 – "Messaggeri Pt.2" (nell'album Neffa & i messaggeri della dopa di Neffa)
  • 1996 - "Black Hole" (in Fastidio di Kaos One)
  • 1998 - "Sucker per sempre" e "1 VS 2" (nell'album Fritz da Cat di Fritz da Cat, accreditato come Cantabal in "Sucker per sempre")
  • 1998 - "Solo fumo" (in 107 elementi di Neffa)
  • 2002 – Pecorino Sardo (con i Menhir)
  • 13 bastardi - Ma che ne so
  • La Valle del 3 (30 dj da tutta Italia scratchano sopra i Beat di DJ Gruff e DJ Skizo arrangiamenti e mixaggio di ZapaN)
  • Kerosene (con DJ 2P, Delivery Vibes)


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