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King Shiloh Sound System resident sound della Dub Area del Bababoom Festival 2019.


King Shiloh "The healing of the Nation Sound System" to amplify the Dub Area of the Bababoom festival from 16 to 20 July 2019.

King Shiloh Sound System, based in Amsterdam, Holland, is an international sound system roots reggae and dub, founded and inspired by the inspiration of Jah Rastafari in 1991. The art and the state of their sound system is the center of all activities (40KW 6-way stereo), and includes the record label King Shiloh Majestic Music.

The "sound system" phenomenon started in Jamaica in the fifties "and has grown all over the world up to what it is today: from Jamaica to Japan, from the United Kingdom to Brazil, the emotion that a great sound can generate is unique. Huge self-built loudspeakers, the biggest amplifiers available and a crew able to operate it, make it work, and repair it, are the key elements.

King Shiloh are known as the sound that travels, have covered more distances in the last 20 years with their sound system more than any other in Europe. King Shiloh is responsible for inspiring a new generation of sound systems across the continent. They were the first non-British sound to play on the island with their own sound system, becoming regular guests at the famous University of Dub in London. Their sessions are regularly present in NL, in France, in Belgium, in Italy, in Germany as well as in the United Kingdom. The famous sessions in Europe like the Dubstation in Paris, the ReggaeBus in Brussels and the Bababoom in Fermo (IT) are common.

In addition to playing in Europe, with their sound, Shiloh traveled further, in a 'dj style' without an installation. They have played in Thailand, Jamaica, United States of America, Israel, Russia, Ukrainia, Greece and many other countries.
The Shiloh record company has grown to become one of the most successful of its kind. From the first release on July 23, 1997 (a 12-inch double-sided with the then unknown Ras Ibi on the two vocal tracks, mixed by the talented Majestic Warriors in Cologne, Germany), there was a catalog of excellent releases including tracks from legends of reggae Earl Sixteen and King Kong. The latest release "Ethiopian Dream" was recorded in Ethiopia and represents the first album coming out of Africa from a 'reggae label'.

The relationship of King Shiloh with producer Dub Creator extends to 20 years and is at the center of all the recording works in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, iyah One, from the Shiloh family, provides many of the unique dub plates played by the sound. Other productions by Gussie P, Disciples, Vibronics etc. they came out with their label.

Today King Shiloh is firmly established in the NL music scene, the DubY2K sessions at Paradiso (and Melkweg) and the legendary sessions at the Bunker @ NDSM are widely recognized as an important part of the history of music in Amsterdam. The Sound System Weekenders is rapidly becoming legendary, with international guests like Jah Shaka, David Rodigan and Iration Steppas playing alongside King Shiloh.

Bredda Neil, is the sound operator and the music selector, Ras Lion, is the original MC; Majestic B is the third original member. Big Bless is the second MC, Lidj Shiloh the utility man. Other family members encountered along the way are: Lyrical Benjie, Papa Mystic, Afrique Asher, Bagga T (Jah Melodie), President Kirky, Iyah One, Red Danny, Ras Iyiapo & Jah Roots.

King Shiloh present at the Bababoom festival for the fourth time, with his sound to amplify the Dub Area for five days in the company of numerous guests.


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