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Finally for the first time at the Bababoom Festival, the pioneers of the Italian Raggamuffin and Dancehall, the Sud Sound System, revive the old songs and new productions Thursday 18 July!



Sud Sound System is a sound system of raggamuffin and dancehall reggae music originating from Salento, which combines Jamaican rhythms and local sounds, such as the use of the Salento dialect and the pizzica and tarantella ballads. They are among the pioneers of the Italian raggamuffin

The Sud Sound System performed for the first time outside the Salento area on January 21, 1989 in the Leoncavallo social center in Milan. But the history of SSSs begins earlier, in Italian university cities. The majority of the group resides in Bologna, and it is here that the first version of T'à sciuta bona is born, a classic of the group, in addition to the historic experience of Isola posse all star with Stop to panic, in which there will be among others Gopher, Treble and Dj War.

In Bologna, in October 1989, there is also another "ragga" experience that sees Gopher on drums, Treble on guitar and vocals, and Giorgio Pizzi on bass, under the name of Rough Ryders. Of this last artistic parenthesis, only a demo remains, for other unobtainable, from the name One Blood.

In Rome Don Rico binds to the Red Wave Posse and the movement of the social centers. During this period he participated in the self-produced audio cassette Baghdad against the Gulf War. In the Salento, meanwhile, Militant P and Papa Gianni debut with the demo Love and Unity, which contains the most classic pieces of the two artists.

In 1991, with the 12-inch Fuecu / T'a sciuta bona, the Sud Sound System debuted on the Italian music scene. The disc was followed by numerous live, television appearances (appearing in an episode of the broadcast Avanzi, singing T'à sciuta bona) and radio (Rai Stereo Notte), in which the group will be characterized by the passion shown. In the same year, they took part in the Festival of New Trends of Authorization in Recanati.

In 1992 two discs released what later became classics of the band, such as Reggae International, Punnu Ieu, Turcinieddhri and Chiappalu.

The interest in the band is not limited to the musical sphere alone: ​​the Bolognese director Renato De Maria produces a documentary for Rai Tre, while Gianluca Sgalambro makes a video transmitted by Effetto Video 8 (Rai Due). The experience of the SSSs will also be the object of analysis and debates in Italian universities by the sociologists Georges Lapassade and Piero Fumarola.

Starting in 1993 there will be plenty of shows that the "Sud" will hold live, together with international artists such as Macka B and Mad Professor, Little Owie, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Asher D, Chubby Rankin, Daddy Freddy, Thriller Jenna, Sweete Irie , Echo Minott, Shabba Ranks, Wailers, Anthony B and Sizzla. Between 1993 and 1994 the band will hold several tours, which will take them around Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland and England).

In early 1994, the self-produced CD Salento Showcaso'94 was published, in which new voices from the Salento reggae scene flank the SSS. The album achieved good success and led to spreading the reggae-raggamuffin movement more and more in the Salento area.

Also in 1994 Nandu Popu, with the collaboration of Dj War, and to the choirs a still unknown Neffa, published on Century Vox the single on vinyl 12 "and cds All'infiernu / Mamma li Turchi, both tracks of political denunciation. Surprising is the topicality of the songs more than 15 years after publication.

However, 1996 was the year in which the public of the Sud Sound System recorded a significant enlargement, following the release of the Comu na petra album, in which several Salento drummers collaborated, and which laid the foundations for a particular raggamuffin imbued with pizzica, always symbolic music of Salento. Songs like Afro ragga taranta jazz and Crisce are examples of this type. Also noteworthy is the song Soul train, which deals with the problem of southern emigration. The double CD also includes a collection that summarizes the discography from 1991 to 1996 and which takes the name Tradition.

In April 1997 No playback was released, a disc containing excerpts from Comu na petra remixed by important hip hop and reggae exponents, not only Italian. Furthermore there is the unpublished Mena moi. There are also several collaborations between the SSSs and other DJs that led to the recording of dub-plates, singles, or live performances in the dance halls.

Since 1997, therefore, the popularity of the group is still growing and their songs are spreading in Europe. They have been present in many editions of the May Day concert in Rome.

In June 1999 the Reggae party album was released, which found great success both in terms of criticism and sales, and which is present on the internet at the Vitaminic and Mpx sites. In the same year the band took part in the film Liberate the fish by Cristina Comencini.

After the Reggae party album they set up their own recording studio, the Salento Sound Studio in San Donato di Lecce and will have their own publishing house, the Salento Sound System.

fter the Reggae party album they set up their own recording studio, the Salento Sound Studio in San Donato di Lecce and will have their own publishing house, the Salento Sound System.

In November 1999 the song dedicated to the Lecce Giallurussu was recorded and released as an individual, which became the official anthem of the Salento football club from 2001 to 2003.

In 2001 the album Musica musica was released, in which there is a reissue with the slightly modified texts compared to the single Mena moi.

On the web, thanks to the downloadable files and the truthfulness of giving everything that anyone can write on the net, as well as the lack of knowledge of someone's musical situation in Puglia, a rumor spread that in 2002 they played and sang the song People who hope in collaboration with J-Ax. The song in question was recorded by the latter, but with the collaboration of Reverend Mc, a Bari rapper who with his crew Zone 45 collaborated on the Pooglia Tribe project and in turn had a featuring on the album Trenta denari proprio with the Sud Sound System. Perhaps this has created some confusion.

In 2003 Lontano was released (also known as Le radici ca tieni), a disc produced by the Sud Sound System and distributed by Sony International. The album is a critical and public success and allows the band to win the 2003 Tenco Award in the "Best Italian dialectal work" category. From this record the excerpt Le radici ca tieni is extracted, a true hymn dedicated to the beloved land of Salento. The video of this song gets another great recognition: it becomes "Best video of the year" at the Independent Labels Meeting in Faenza.

The Sud Sound System in Arbatax.
In 2004 the group returned to the studio to prepare the new LP and at the same time the Fuecu su fuecu compilation was released, published in June and containing the "best of" of the last three SSS records, as well as two unpublished ones.

Furthermore, the Salento Sound System dedicates itself to the artistic summer programming of numerous events in Salento: among these, the Boom Blast Reggae Nights 2004, included in the Negroamaro project curated by the province of Lecce, which is attended by numerous Italian and foreign artists (Villa Ada , Saxon Studio, One Love Hi Pawa, General Levy, Bag-a-riddim Band featuring Daddy Freddy). They are also in charge of the artistic direction of Reggae Boom Beach Mamanera 2004, now in its fourth edition, where they perform Pow Pow Movement, Rodigan, I-Tal Acoustic Sound & Ranking Joe, Hot fire & Ghetto Eden, Pier Tosi and the skandol.

During the 2004 tour, the band reaches some of the most significant European festivals, performing in Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal and Germany.

2005 opens with several productions: first of all the new LP called Acqua pe sta terra, in which the Salento group is joined by important artists such as Luciano, Chico, Anthony Johnson and General Levy. The Salento Showcase 2005 is also produced, which gives voice to the Apulian reggae scene.

Furthermore, in the production of Edoardo Bennato's cartoon, the band plays the song Il topo mangia tutto, which is included in the cartoon's soundtrack. In the same 2005 the band appears in an episode of the transmission Rockpolitik (Rai Uno), conducted by Adriano Celentano, where he sings one of his most famous songs, Le radici ca tieni, together with the Bag a Riddim Band and the recently fourteen year old Alessia Tondo.

Since 2005, the founder Treble leaves the group and continues as a solo singer.

In 2006, two new Salento Sound System works were produced: the CD + DVD Live & Direct - Sud Sound System (which will be the finalist of the Tenconella Award in the "album in dialect" category) and the debut album by Marina Comu passion.

Also in 2007 the Salento Showcase is organized. The third edition involves a series of artists who will join the so-called Salento ShowCase Group: Alessia, the trio Rankin lele, Papa Leu and Marina, and other young people Mulinu, Sandrinu and Striunizzu, Kadim "Afro Bamba" outta Ghetto Eden Senegalese rapper in Wolof and Salento), lu Dottore, the Kaja Killa, the Hot Fire, Italo and Terequeia.

Actively committed to protecting the environment and the right to health, together with Giuseppe Serravezza (president of the LILT section of Lecce) in 2008 they turn on the media headlights on the Apulian industrial complexes that have raised the incidence of tumors in Puglia to the highest Italian levels, in particular the ILVA of Taranto and the power plant of Cerano (Br). Although the problems caused by the two plants were known for decades, it is thanks, in fact, to the Sud Sound System that started talking about it.

We note how strangely the problem has reached national levels only when the effects of the two plants have also arrived in the province of Lecce, when it has been for decades that Taranto has died of cancer with an incidence far above the average European and national level

We note how strangely the problem has reached national levels only when the effects of the two plants have also arrived in the province of Lecce, when it has been for decades that Taranto has died of cancer with an incidence far above the average European and national, and when it began to think of building biomass power plants also in the province of Lecce itself. Before then the subject had always remained within the regional boundaries.

With these themes, in the same year they published the album Dammene ancora, which has international collaborations with leading columns of reggae at world level and sees the return of the collaboration with Neffa. At the same time, the song Maledetta Stara is distributed free of charge on their official website, which has references to the entire Italian television system and not, as some believe, only to private TVs. This record reaches the number 5 position of the official FIMI sales ranking. [3]

On 21 April 2009, together with 53 other Italian singers, they recorded the single Tomorrow 21.04.2009 in Milan, in honor of the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo. On August 31, 2009 they distribute, always free and always from their official website, the song Blowjob in Parliament, referring to the sex scandals involving Italian politicians of every alignment and as a complaint and criticism on who governs us. In the future, other tracks are expected to be published for free, as announced in their intentions by some members of the group.

The Sud Sound System perform live with the Bag A Riddim Band, a band that was already at the time of the Reggae party album tour and the result of the merger between Ficupala, The Messapians and Maestro Garofalo, who accompanied the group as a backing band . The band's guitarist is Papa Leu who, with Rankin Lele and Marina, started a trio in 2006 and offers some of his own songs at the SSS concert openings.

l May 18, 2010 the album is published Ultimamente, anticipated by the single Bisogno di amore. The disc includes 16 tracks full of feeling and denunciation towards today's society and in particular towards the political system, which increasingly masks and controls the masses. There are numerous participations aimed at positively contaminating the reggae style.

On September 25, 2010, the group performed in Cesena at the 5-star Woodstock music festival, organized by Beppe Grillo's blog and broadcast on the TV channel, which opened the new station with this live broadcast.

In December 2010 they held a tour in Australia and, on their return, they collaborated with Riva Starr for the single Orizzonti and with Grido for the track Superblunt, contained in the solo album by the rapper of Gemelli DiVersi.

On April 28, 2011, to celebrate their 20-year career, the band leaves from London for a long tour, which also includes stops in Bristol and in their Lecce, on the occasion of the Italia Wave (they had already participated in Livorno in 2008) .

In June 2012 they released the album The Best of Sud Sound System, anticipated by the single Vola via and containing another unpublished (Mai come ora feat. Rubens). In October of the same year the theatrical project of Salvatore Tramacere (with Fabrizio Saccomanno) was rescheduled: Acico Fenico - Ballad for Mimmo Carunchio, a Camorrista who also participated in the SSS with live music. In March 2013 they produce the double disc Come Back Again Riddim, which is part of SSS Production.

In June 2014 they released a new album of unpublished titles entitled Sta tornu. The disc, recorded in San Donato di Lecce and mastered in London, sees the participation of several friends of the SSS and is accompanied by the video clip of the song Do parole.

In April 2016 they released a new video clip of the song "La megghiu medicina" taken from their latest album "Sta Tornu" which will accompany them on their first tour in Jamaica.

In May 2016 the Sud Sound System travels to Jamaica where they will stay for a month Richie Stephens guests in different dance halls

At midnight on Friday 9 June 2017, the song Brigante is published on iTunes, the first track extracted from the new album "Eternal Vibes" released on 30 June 2017.

In June 2017 the Sud Sound System returned to Jamaica as guests with Richie Stephens at the 2017 Reggae Sumfest

In July 2017 Nandu Popu takes part in the film I come from Nuzzo and Di Biase

Don Rico, Terron Fabio and Nandu Popu propose, at times, also songs that sing as soloists and that are marketed only on vinyl 7 ". Among these are Me love how she gwaan by Terron Fabio feat. Daddy Freddy, Don's Long time Rico, The History of Nandu Popu. Also on vinyl 7 "you can find some singles like Ogni giurnu and Una sula.



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