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Ensi freestyle icon, with a achievements of all respect, presents his latest album Clash Monday 15 July!


Jari Vella, born in 1985, was born and grew up in Alpignano in the suburbs of Turin. He made his debut with his brother Raige and his friend Rayden in the trio "Onemic" with whom he published two highly appreciated independent albums ("Under the belt" in 2005 and "Commercial" in 2011).

Freestyle makes Ensi such an icon. His palmares is the richest and without citing the innumerable minor competitions we remember the victories in the events recognized as the Italian freestyle championships: the first edition of "Tecniche Perfette" (2004), the second edition of "2TheBeat" (2005, and finalist in 2006) and the first edition of "MTV Spit" which airs on MTV in 2012. In addition to the street-album Vendetta, a soloist chapter from 2008 that sells over 4,000 copies without any official distribution, Ensi publishes two EPs in the following years , DonerCore and Balance.

In 2012 he created the first web series dedicated to improvisation, "Freestyle Roulette" with 20 video chapters uploaded on that count hundreds of thousands of views. In 2012 he signed for the independent label "Tanta Roba Label" created by Guè Pequeno of Club Dogo in an exceptional roaster. The same year, after the victory at Spit, "Freestyle Roulette Mixtape" was released, a unique mixtape that, along the lines of the web series, was recorded completely in freestyle. Although not an official album, in the week of release it enters the ranking of best-selling records in Italy. His second official album "Era Tutto un sogno" was released on "Tanta Roba Label" on November 13th 2012, reaching the top five in the Fimi charts of best-selling records in the week of release. This record full of thick collaborations confirms it definitively as one of the greatest exponents of the genre in our country.

In 2013 he took part in the second edition of Mtv Spit as a juror. In 2014 he signed for Warner Music and on September 2nd of the same year Rock Steady was released, which received great recognition from audiences and critics, starting at the top of the FIMI ranking in the week of release. In October 2015, "One By One" is released, an ep of five tracks that can be downloaded for free. Anticipated by the singles "All the world is neighborhood" and "Mezcal", "Iconic", on September 1st of 2017 Ensi publishes, V its new unreleased album. Thus the rapper describes the title: "V as Vincent, my son. V as Vella, my surname, my family, my roots. V as Vendetta, my first album. V as Roman numeral, because this is my fifth record ".

Considered among the most important names in the sector thanks to its credibility and its artistic depth. Always present in the territory he collects many live experiences, in addition to his tours he is continually called in the major national events. Its versatility makes it unique and manages to be transversal while maintaining a strong hip-hop identity.

On February 1st, 2019, Ensi returns to the scene by publishing his sixth album, Clash.


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