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Do Your Thang The Roman crew opens at the Johnny Marseille concert on Sunday 14 July



White Boy (Cristian Dionisi at the registry office) Mc and Roman freestyler born in 1991, born and raised in the Garbatella area. In 2010 he published the first work "L'Ultimo Arrivato EP". Between 2010 and 2011, a period of great rap for rap music, he worked on the second EP, also due to the victory of the first freestyle contest, which soon led him to publish "Grow Up". The artistic and personal growth is emancipated, among all the songs, from collaborations with Johnny Roy and Don Diegoh, names of note for the freestyle scene, but also from the publication of the first videoclip edited by videomaker Giordano Benedettini. "L'Ultimo Arrived EP" (2010) was born as a mixtape (for the choice of already edited instruments), then reduced to a project of 6 tracks. Published in complete independence and for the pure need to make the voice of a 19 year old who was beginning to get noticed and to realize his abilities. A year after the first EP, "consecrates" the beginning of a career made of irreverence, love for music, and the desire to make itself heard; all told with the anger of any 20 year old. Prize of a battle of freestyle, this EP sees involved in the original productions Fama (producer and founder of another Roman reality named Ai Town). Unknown Artist Mixtape (2014) After a break of a few years, some more experience on the stages between live and battle, U.A arrives. Mixtape. A collection of songs with classic hip hop sounds, 12 tracks in which the technique learned over the years and the deepest (in the personal) approach to storytelling is put in place. Unknown Artist II (2015) The second chapter comes out a year exactly from the first one. Inside you immediately recognize a different sound, more "sprung" After a long time the collaborations return; the link with the dyt is strengthened precisely in this project in which, although not yet part of the label, it collects the contributions of W.Pascal, Jekesa and Panz. In the disk also present Dr Dew (qtszod) Numi and Karisma. The breakthrough came with participation in the mixtape, which according to the creators (Squarta, Mezzosangue and DJ pitch8), collects the elite of the Italian underground with the song "L'essenza" (2013). In 2014, thanks to new experiences, he released "Unknown Artist Mixtape", a project that began to bring the temper of the rapper to the surface, not accustomed to the laps of words - much more inclined to the theory of "I'll tell you clear" in plain language -. In 2015, he published "Unknown Artist II" collecting collaborations with some members of the collective Do Your Thang as William Pascal, Jekesa and Panz, longtime companions as well as members of the Quintessenza crew (QTSZOD) Dr Dew and NoreOne and Numi of the representative Grounder Music . The disc will be printed in limited edition and sent throughout Italy. 2016 marks a crucial moment in the life of White Boy with the official entry into the young music label Do Your Thang Records, with which he released the Ep "Nato Puro" and a series of singles along with Akira Beats.


Pacman XII aka Twelve is a Roman MC. Born on 12 September 1988, he began his artistic career as a child thanks to the experiences of the theater and the choir.
In 2001 he met Metal and Punk Rock music, leading him to start a self-taught path to the guitar. At the same time he discovered the world of Hip Hop mainly the one active in the Bolognese scene and began to deepen the listening of Roman rap groups and other Italian artists. After years of friendship with the producer Alan Beez, the Hot Drugs will be part of the Punk Rock line-up, in which he will play from 2006 to 2012.
In 2012 he founded together with Alan Beez and the members of his old band the "Project Mayhem", a Nu Metal / Crossover formation with a strong Rap imprint inspired by groups like "Limp Bizkit", "Rage Against The Machine".
In 2013 under the wing of Fudo la Montagna and Johnny Roy became part of the Red Lights Ent family (also composed of Rei, Don Plemo and Sick Rock) that pushed Pacman to engage in the discipline of the Rap on the classic four quarters.
With them he realizes the EP "Red Lights EP" and releases several exclusive singles or in combination with other artists of the crew. In the same period he comes into contact with the collective Do Your Thang and begins to "grind" tracks laying the foundations for numerous musical collaborations. After convincing Alan Beez to work alongside him as a DJ and producer and after a year of work, on 15 May 2014 he goes out - for Do Your Thang Records - "Porno Pride, Baby !! Vol.1 "signed PPPC (Porno Pride Pisana Crew), the name of the musical duo. The CD is entirely composed of Alan's productions, which has edited the mix and recordings at the "2Loud4Crowd Rec Studio". In 2016 he also published "Delta" for Do Your Thang Records, entirely edited during the recording and mixing phases by Alan Beez at 2Loud4Crowd Recording Studio and in the master phase at Fuji Studioa. In the album there are the productions of the Beat Your Cheers by Alan Beez, Rubber Soul and the voices of other artists of the two crews belonging to William Pascal, Penny Wise, Johnny Roy, Doc x Brown. In 2017 he released "Nigredo" produced for Do Your Thang Records, the second album made in collaboration with Depha Beat.
The project was entirely conceived and worked within the 3TONE Studio by Depha Beat, which has edited all the productions and recordings and sees the collaborations of White Boy, NUMI, Thelonious B. and Sealow. All the Mix & Master has been realized by Andrea Mondi (3TONE Studio), to take care of the entire graphic project is the hand of Anomalia Dodici, artist and tattoo artist. The disk is collected in an elegant digipack with a flap of closure, inside a card allows the download
in digital format of the 'NIGREDO', 'Delta' and other bonus tracks. Following the release of the Pacman XII disc it publishes the singles "Absolvo" and "Tobi" ft. Thelonius B. and at the end of 2017 is assigned to the title track of Rubik Beats official primodisco "Pandora" (the project includes artists such as Jack the Smoker, Dani Faiv and Axos. Many projects in the pipeline for 2018 that will see him protagonist of many unmissable exits.


William Pascal is an Italian rapper born in Rome on September 13, 1994, always member of the record label Do Your Thang Records with which he made an official album and two mixtapes that have immediately become a cult in the Roman underground scene. Since 2011 he is noted as mc and author, collecting considerable visibility during the live (always one of the strong points of the artist) and crowning this first phase with a debut street album entitled "Souvenirs d'ègotisme" (2013 ). The growth of William happens incredibly fast, the entry into a broad collective like Do Your Thang helps its training process, taking advantage of the experience of the largest members of the Crew. In the years to follow, in fact, he collects several significant experiences: he publishes the "Timeless" and "Lapis Niger" mixtapes that get a decent feedback at a national level thanks to singles like "L'Italiano Medio", "Trouble" and "Gloom" . Winning numerous battles, around Italy, does not satisfy the need to earn the respect of the scene, every live and project are an opportunity to confront a world in constant evolution. The single 'Chocolope' is released in May 2017, which together with "Creepy Sashimi" anticipates the release of the first official disc of the same name "William Pascal released on 22 November 2017. The album took more than a year of design, in this period the artist has dug deep not only in his music, but in his own past Memories, disordered notes and scribbles fit together in a varied musical project that exploits contemporary sounds without renouncing the rap's most daring virtuosity. important stages with international artists such as Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts, The 4 Owls, AFRO & Marco Polo and Merkules, as well as with illustrious representatives of the Italian scene such as Clementino, Willie Peyote, Good Old Boys, Rancore & Dj Myke and many others .
He has numerous collaborations in the assets including Esa, Dj FastCut, his friend Cranio Randagio (R.I.P.) and Danno.
William Pascal is the new advancing, is the name that the Italian rap needed!


Jekesa's career began in 2007, when, after becoming familiar with rhymes, he wrote the first raggamuffin texts and gave life to 1UP Sound.
Follow years of dancehall in clubs and social centers, denoting a social commitment with songs like "Bash de Fash" and "Good Plan", but always remembering the importance of music as an instrument of freedom and abstraction (see "Like to Bun" and "Just Smile"). After several years of evenings and a couple of purely reggae / dancehall records, Jake approaches Hip Hop, dazzled by the complexity of the lyrics and by the deep content that culture offers. But the real change of gear is due to the encounter with Rubber Soul and all the Do Your Thang. This additional creative drive led in 2015 to the first solo album released on May 23 for Do Your Thang Records, "Jake Blues", produced and edited by Rubber Soul himself and recorded by Alan Beez.


Alessandro "Dibba", born in 1987, approaches the world of hip hop in 1999. The first approach takes place through graffiti, tightens strong personal ties with those who will later be the founders with him in 2002 of the “Noi iperborei” crew still active. At the same time he approaches the world of bboying, in which he almost totally concentrates his commitment. In 2004 he formed a strong bond with "Bboy Sopht" with which he began to participate in numerous Italian and foreign Jam and Battles.
In 2007 he joined the Roman crew "Urban Force" founded in 1996; with Urban Force, he placed himself in the first positions of all the major Italian contests, winning in 2008 “Hip hop connection revolutions” which brings the Roman crew to the USA as Italian representatives at the “Evolution” world finals and over the years to follow several European nations for Battles (Switzerland, Holland, Portugal) until 2010, the year in which he leaves the crew.
In 2011 he gave life to the "Open Way" project with bboy Sopht, who set themselves the goal of organizing a Jam Party for lovers of 360 ° hip hop culture. In the same year he found himself holding two turntables and a mixer, and "for fun" he began to delight in the art of Djing. The visceral passion for bboy music and the ten-year background make his musical culture very wide. and hugs, in addition to the Rap; Breaks, Funk, Soul, Reggae and all that is to be understood is "good music".
The Djing assimilates him completely giving him new stimuli, then he begins an intense training period that lead him to increase his skills and to play in numerous Roman parties and Battles (among the many: What the Funk, Move On Battle, Italy Freestyle session) .
In the meantime he becomes a DJ of the "D Brains" group with whom he works on the mixtape "unstable theories", while at the same time he works on "Open Way mixtape vol.4" project that includes numerous emerging rappers. At the moment he continues to perfect and learn techniques of Turntablism, trying to create the best musical alchemy possible in the parties in which he selects himself, letting the music speak, vital conductor of emotions.
In 2016 he enters the roster of the Do Your Thang Records label and together with the trusted producers Rubber Soul, Doc Greenspoon and DJ Alan Beez is part of the artistic production of Do Your Thang both live and in the studio


Sealow, born in 1993, began writing in 2011 with the birth of Villa Pamphili Sound, in the heart of Monteverde in Rome, and organized the first dancehalls in the newly occupied Cinema America in Trastevere. In 2013 the “Sealow & Lion’s Wave” project was born, a band composed today of 7 elements and which, after years of musical research and experiences on stage, is concretized in a rhythm where the upbeat finds a new dimension in the New Soul. In 2015 he founded, together with other collaborators, the Astarbene Collective and for three years, together with Sperla Rootzie, Piddu and Ientu (singer of the Roman band Inna Cantina) "Astarbene - The Reggae Radio Show", every Wednesday, on the web frequencies of
In 2017 the single "More Coffee" comes out in collaboration with Valter Vincenti and One More Dub Records with the video signed by Thelonious B.
On March 12, "7Hills" was released, the new single available on Youtube, with the video made by Thelonious B., and on all digital platforms (Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, iTunes). Sealow, a young upbeat talent, gives us a glimpse of fresh Rome, where the long-awaited combination between Italy and dancehall musicality is made possible. A change of gear from the last single "More Coffee", which reveals another side to an artist who cares about every facet of Jamaican music and culture. What seemed to be an ambitious idea became a reality thanks to the lucky encounter with Ram Jam Production and Guirie.


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