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Bunna for the first time at the Bababoom festival, for a special evening dedicated to Italian reggae, In the company of Lion D and Raphael and many other singers, for a unique show Tuesday 16 July.

Bonino Vitale in bunna art, born musically speaking, in 1981, when he founded, together with Madaski, the Africa Unite.
Since then, with this project, he has released 16 albums and made thousands of concerts around the world. A tireless work that made Africa one of the most important realities of the Italian reggae scene and beyond.
To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the project, he wrote the book Trent'anno in Levare with Madaski. History of Africa Unite history.
In addition to Africa, from 1994 to 2006, he was part of the Giuliano Palma project & amp; The Bluebeaters as a bass player.
For years he led, alongside Frank Napoleone, Natural Mystic, a program of music and curiosities about the world of reggae, on the frequencies of Lifegate Radio.
In recent years, despite the activity with Africa Unite always remaining his main project, it is part of Double Trouble, an acoustic project / tribute by Marley where, accompanied by Zibba and Raphael, he offers, in acoustic, a selection of songs from the repertoire of the master.
Occasionally he proposes some Dj sets where he explores and deepens the various evolutions and facets of the genre of Jamaican origin.


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